About Shane & Karen Vaughn

We began this ministry in the backroom of a small church along the gulf coast of Mississippi. A handful (about 7 people)of people with a deep desire for more knowledge and understanding of the word of Yahweh (God) began to gather on Monday nights around a fellowship meal as Dr. Shane Vaughn began the first semester of Biblical Foundations Institute. From those handful of students a ministry has emerged as more and more people from our region have heard the wonderful truths being revealed to these hungry believers. 

We have now elevated into another level of our existence as a fellowship. We now gather on Friday nights at sunset, the beginning of the weekly sabbath for what we have termed "The Gathering." This is a very unique service that people are driving great distances to attend because it is both a very intensive time of worship, the prophetic and it is also a bible college class. 

 We are a Christian church which strives to understand and teach the Word of Yahweh from a first century, Apostolic perspective. We are fundamental and Bible based. While reaching forward to the unveiling truth of these final hours in return to our Hebraic roots we also cling ever tightly to our wonderful expression of our youth, our Pentecostal and Spirit Filled roots; at least in our praise and worship. 

 What many people find refreshing about out meetings is the merging of cultures and races and ideas. We have the extremes of society among us ranging from poor to rich, from educated to non; from messianic jews to old time pentecostals and so the divergence continues. Many people come to watch our expressive praise and worship and to learn from our understandings of the scriptures. We incorporate both old and new in our music as well as leaning heavily upon the spiritual gifts in our corporate gatherings.

We are a commandment keeping congregation as well as preaching the message of the grace of our Lord Yeshua (Jesus Christ)

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Shane Vaughn Th. D.

Founder & President

Shane VaughnRev. Shane Vaughn
, called by his creator as a young, twelve-year old boy to preach the gospel, he has founded and now is chancellor of Biblical Foundations Institute as well as directo of First Harvest Church & ministries. He serves the bride of Christ with the heart of a servant and the passion of a pioneer. He currently host the weekly telecast "Zions Call" and is the author of nine published books and numerous booklets and articles. Most noted for his pulpit presence, oratory and articulation,, musical gifting and intimate knowlege of the Word of God, his teaching ministry is heard each Friday night at the begging of the weekly sabbath at 7:00 in Waveland, Ms with more campuses to be opened soon. He currently holds his earned doctorate degree from World Vision university in Dallas, Tx.

Karen Kendrick Vaughn

Co-Founder & Author

Karen Kendrick Vaughn
Karen Kendrick-Vaughn is known everywhere for her miraculous ressurection from death to life as told in her recently published book, "A God Interruption" She serves along side her husband when she isn't travelling as an unparalleled worship leader. She is currently working on her soon to be released book "Secrets from the Secret Place" Karen operates with a unique gift of healing and faith for the supernatural. She currently holds a bachelors in theology from Biblical Foundations Institute.