Biblical Foundations Institute

Biblical Foundations Institute is a religious training center domiciled and registered under Louisiana governance of religious institutions which grant exclusivly religious degrees. We simply offer recognition for those who have applied themselves to rigorous study of the scriptures in preperation for ministry.
Unique in our community as we are able to provide tuition free training due to various fundraisers and donations given by generous members of our ministry; First Harvest Ministries. Our students are global as they are able to do all of their studies online in a systematic course of study. Whereupon successful completion of a required course of studies each student is granted a religious  degree compatible with their prescribed course of study. Our school is registered and fully recognized as a religious university with the Regstrar of Louisiana and is governed accordingly. We are not accredited with any government agencies as our degrees are only recognized by other religious universities and churches.

We currently offer Associates of Theology; Bachelors of Divinity, Masters of Christian Education and currently we are preparing our Doctorate degree program for future expansion. When our students earn their prescribed credit hours they are honored with a full scale graduation for their friends and families to attend. At this graduation they are not only honored for their studies but they are commissioned and sent forth to further the Message they have learned in their studies which is primarily; The Coming Kingdom of God.

All cost and tuition for our Bible College is GRANTED to you at no charge and is paid for by the generous gifts of those who have gone before you.  Your only obligation for repayment is that you must physically attend the graduation in Mississippi to receive your degree. This graduation is held annually during the Feast of FirstFruit, typically the month of June.

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